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“The QBS system was a great solution for our recent selection process. The QBS Workbook provided us with the “nuts and bolts” of an excellent procedure for selecting the right firm for our planning projects. We were more than pleased with the system, as the firm we selected was truly the best choice. We (I) consistently recommend the process to other managers responsible for preparing RFPs. Again, QBS is a great system! We will definitely use it again.”
- Administrator, Village of Maple Bluff


"The Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) process, in my opinion, offers a much better opportunity to screen consultants for projects that demand 'out-of-the-box' thinking. Those projects best suited for QBS usually require a thorough understanding of the community’s special needs or desires, and a unique approach to accomplishing those goals. The approach must be one that can demonstrate an award winning design, yet be cost effective and sustainable. QBS process allows consultants to showcase past successes on similar type projects, while also providing the client a vision of how their project can be the next one that raises the bar for all consultants to reach when submitting proposals. At the end of day, nearly all consultants can provide design plans for the project, but few can turn a design into an award winning project. Most of these improvements are a once in a generation opportunity, and QBS gives the client the opportunity to make a once in generation improvement."
- Assistant Commissioner of Public Works, City of Racine

"QBS is a proven procurement method that emphasizes quality throughout the evaluation and product selection process. Communities that utilize QBS report their long-term costs are lower because of this emphasis."
- Executive Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities